Where to eat near CESL

There are four floors in the University of Arizona's Student Union. There are many places to eat and many services. You should explore all the floors of the Student Union and become familiar with it.

Places to eat at the Student Union include:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Sandwich shops
  • A sit-down Mexican restaurant (Sonoran Café)
  • Italian food (3 Cheeses and a Noodle)
  • A buffet

West of campus on University Boulevard

  • Asian food: Pei Wei
  • Pizza: No Anchovies
  • American food: Frog & Firkin, Gentle Ben's
  • Middle Eastern: Sinbad's
  • Mexican: Chipotle, Illegal Pete's

East of Campus on Campbell and Speedway

  • Vietnamese food: Miss Saigon
  • Bagels: Breuggers

4th Avenue, west of campus

This area has many restaurants including Guatemalan, Greek, pizza, sandwiches and lots of fun shops to browse

Speedway and Tucson

Ali Baba Middle Eastern restaurant and grocery

Pima and Country Club

Caravan Foods Middle Eastern grocery

"CESL is my second family."