Welcome Volunteers

The Center for English as a Second Language has many opportunities to volunteer for UA undergraduate and graduate students. Volunteers will be able to work with a multi-cultural, international student population, while helping those students to practice and improve their English skills. Volunteering at CESL is a way to build a diverse community of learners on our university campus. Through sharing language and culture, both volunteers and CESL students, will learn more about the world around them.

Description of Volunteer Work

Volunteers at CESL have several different options to assist our student population.

Conversation Club Leader

In this position, volunteers will lead a conversation club meeting on Fridays from 12:15 to 1:15. The volunteer will be expected to prepare conversation topics and questions, co-facilitate the discussion, and share insight into American culture.

Small Conversation Groups

In this position, volunteers will lead and facilitate a small group conversation with 2 or more CESL students. The smaller setting of this option will allow more conversation practice for students. Scheduling is flexible when forming these smaller, weekly conversation groups.

CESL Club Helper

In this position, volunteers will help facilitate weekly CESL activities clubs. These clubs vary in topics from crafts to volleyball. Volunteers will communicate and interact with students during these activities to make them a more engaging experience. Contact the volunteer coordinator directly to see the club schedule.

Workshop Assistant

In this position, volunteers will help workshop facilitators lead conversations and manage activities during pair and group work. These workshops focus on topics related to student success and learning strategies. Volunteers will be expected to help engage students. These workshops meet every Wednesday from 12:15-1.

*Volunteers can participate in a combination of these roles in their work at CESL.


-Must be a current University of Arizona student.

-Must be 18 years of age or older.

-Must attend volunteer orientation.

-Must commit to at least 10 hours of volunteer work. (Can do more upon request.)

-Must be willing and open to learn about new cultures and share their own.

Application Process

  1. Fill out CESL VOLUNTEER FORM and submit in person to Dr. Veronika Williams, CESL 200, vaw@email.arizona.edu.
  2. Bring your current driver’s license and CatCard when submitting application.
  3. Provide Dr. Williams will availability. Based on your availability and our volunteer needs, we will generate a weekly schedule.
  4. You need to fill out an additional form (Affiliate Verification Form) if you have never been employed by the University of Arizona or you are doing this volunteering not as a part of your class.

Volunteer Expectations

  • 10 hours of volunteer work each semester
  • Commit to a weekly schedule and inform volunteer coordinator of any changes at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to volunteer slot and check in with one of the volunteer coordinators.
  • Wear volunteer nametag at all times in the CESL building.
  • All meetings with students must be within the CESL building. There is a library, computer lab and Student Learning Center available for meetings. A specific room can be reserved when needed.
  • Maintain professional behavior when working with students (ie. Dress code, cell phone use, language)
  • Be culturally sensitive and tolerant to all students at CESL.


"I came to live in the United States, but I had a big barrier: the language. Now I am studying at CESL and this barrier is gone."