Video Testimonial from UNAM student

Friday, January 29, 2016

Check out this video from Miguel Valderas, a law school student in his senior year from UNAM University in Mexico City. Miguel came as part of a group of 25 students and faculty combined to learn English or learn how to teach in English. Thanks to UNAM and to Proyecta 100,000 federal scholarship in Mexico for sponsoring these wonderful students. ‪#‎Proyecta100000‬ ‪#‎UNAM‬ U.N.A.M. UNAM En Línea ‪#‎UofA‬‪#‎universityofarizona‬ The University of Arizona ‪#‎uacesl‬

Click here to see video


"Even though I have lived in Tucson for ten years, this is the first time I have really studied English."