UA Wildcats Football Game (vs. Oregon State)

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 7:30pm

Come learn about and enjoy the #1 sport in the US - American Football! on Sat. 11/11.  Watch the UA Wildcats play against the Oregon State Beavers right on the UA campus at Arizona Stadium on 6th St. Regular tickets are $49/each, but we have arranged special group-rate tickets at only $20/person! It's a huge savings!

Meet in front of CESL at 7:30pm. We will walk to the stadium together and give out individual tickets then. All of our seats are together. The game begins at 8:15pm. No bags or outside food or drink are allowed into the stadium. Only clear bags and purses/handbags are allowed. 

About the rules: American football is a game of strategy, speed, and strength! The sport really has more in common with rugby than with traditional soccer as the teams can run and throw the ball. Teams have four tries (downs) to move the ball forward 10 yards towards their opponents endzone. If they get 10 yards they receive a "first down" and another four chances to reach another 10 yards. If they get the ball into their opponents end zone they get a touchdown (6 points!) plus a chance at an extra point kick (1 point). Another option if they can't get into the endzone is to kick a fieldgoal for 3 points instead. If a team doesn't score or reach 10 yards by their third down, then typically they will "punt" or kick the ball (on their fourth down) as far away from their own endzone as possible so that the opposing team will begin their offensive attack as far away as possible. The game is played in four quarters and the teams take turns on offense and defense with specialized players for each. If you've never seen American Football then you don't know what you're missing--there is nothing else like it. 


Registration deadline: 

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 7:30pm


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