CESL offers affordable individualized tutoring on campus to CESL and UA students who may be busy with jobs or other studies. These students may brush up on their weakest English language skills in an individual or small group.

Program Description Tuition*
Basic Tutoring This tutoring is for students who want help with general English for their CESL courses or perhaps for entering an undergraduate university program.

$300 for 10 hours

$175 for 5 hours

Elite Tutoring This tutoring is for students who need higher-level, more intense tutoring in specific subject areas. Typically these students already hold university or advanced degrees and need the tutoring for advanced degree programs or for professional purposes.

$600 for 10 hours

$345 for 5 hours

Skill Intensive Workshops (SIW) - Small group workshops. For more details please click here. A group of two to five students can request an intensive workshop focused on a particular English skill (such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, or grammar). The students must apply, pay and register together. More students in a group reduces the cost per student ($15 - $37.50 per hour).

$750 for 10 hours for the entire group



* All tutoring options require an additional $30 application fee + $20 technology fee. For the SIW option, all participants must pay these fees.

All sales are final. The tutoring fee is not refundable, transferrable or deferrable.

Eligibility and Admission

  • Part-time study is open to students 18 years of age and older or students who are high school graduates. Students must be literate in their first language and must be currently in the United States.
  • Current CESL students are limited to 10 hours per week of tutoring.
  • All students born after 1956 must show proof of MMR immunization. Print the Proof of Immunization Form

Other tutoring options

On-site group Tutoring:

We can offer on-site tutoring labs at your Tucson location! Tutoring labs would be for individuals or small groups. (An institutional application fee of $100 is charged.) In addition, we can send a tutor to your site for set days/times. If you have students or employees who you feel would benefit from having a tutor on-site, please contact us at esltutor@email.arizona.edu.

Online Tutoring:

Our tutoring is available online which can be adapted to your schedule. $310 for 10 hours of Basic Tutoring, and $560 for 10 hours of Elite Tutoring.

General English skills (all levels):

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Accent reduction / pronunciation
  • Presentation skills

Specific topics (intermediate-advanced):

  • Business English
  • American Culture
  • Discussion and Presentation Skills
  • GRE

Some customized curriculum may incur additional costs.

Student may need to purchase books, other materials, etc.

Catalog of Courses

Please click here to see the catalog of courses

How to apply

  • 1: Contact Veronika Williams, CESL Learning Advisor (her contact information is below) to discuss enrolling in tutoring sessions. You will need her approval to enroll in tutoring sessions as she needs to verify she can accomodate your needs and recommend the best tutoring fit. You will also be advised to read our tutoring policies.
  • 2: Once Veronika has approved the tutoring session, apply and submit your tutoring application
  • 3: To apply, you will need to fill out the tutoring application, pay the total amount for tuition and fees, and submit proof of vaccination of measles, mumps, and rubella
  • 4: Submit your application materials to CESL office 101 Admissions office.

Do you want to be a CESL tutor?

Please see our Employment Page.

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Veronika Williams
Learning Advisor

"All in all, studying at CESL is really fun."