Aulia Afdal, Indonesia

Studying English at CESL was an amazing opportunity for me. It's not only about learning English but also networking since the students come from all over the world. I got more than I expected.

Mohammad Syifa, Indonesia

I want tosay that my experience in CESL was very great and useful for improving my English. Before joining CESL, my English was very bad. But after that, my English is better. My TOEFL scores are better than before. That's why I say that CESL is wonderful!

Elmira Klotsman, Kyrgyastan

One amazing thing in CESL is that I met many extraordinary people with different backgrounds. Their experiences and their persistence were examples that encouraged me to achieve new results in my education. For example, there are many students who have Ph.D.s from their countries, but want to improve and to strengthen their knowledge in English. Their persistence, hard work and enthusiasm give me energy and optimism to do well. I will keep a warm relationship with my CESL friends all my life.

Yeong Sik Ohn, Korea

Before coming here, I heard that Arizona was a very hot place and that this hot weather would be worse from June to August. As soon as I arrived in Tucson, I was surprised at even hotter weather than I expected. I was very worried about my future here. After beginning my study, however, I was moved by the kind friends and faculty at CESL. CESL teachers and students actively cooperate with each other. CESL helps students adjust to U.S. life and culture as well as improve language skills. While at CESL, I improved my English and survival skills in the U.S. and turned my impression of Arizona from a negative one to a positive one.

Alberto Lizarraga, Mexico

Learning English has become very important in the last decade. All kinds of people, such as students, employees, and businessmen, need to acquire this universal language. English is required in every field either to be admitted to a university, to get a good job in a company or in any field of research. CESL offers a competitive program in intensive English. The program helps students to think in English while they experience different expressions American people use regularly. As a CESL student, you have to take an active part in the class; you have to participate by talking, acting or giving a presentation. CESL makes active students rather than passive students. Students must give opinions, argue and even sing in order to practice the new language.

Megumi Shiobara, Japan

One of my favorite out-of-class events at CESL is TGIF at Coffee Plantation, where I can make more new friends. We talk to each other in English, for talking in English is the only way to communicate with each other. I can't miss TGIF on Friday or I miss a good chance to discover new things. I will move to a new apartment with my friend who I met in class. Everything in CESL, classes, activities and new friends, helps me improve my English.

Syn Chul Jin, Korea

Today, English is very important for individual or social purposes. Many students go to the U.S. to learn English. CESL is one very famous language center at the University of Arizona. CESL has 7 different levels so students can study at their own level. Students have to study hard in their classes, but we are not bored. We go to the art museum, Tucson mall, water world, Mexican food restauant, and the Grand Canyon. We also talk to our teachers informally at TGIF on Friday. At that time we can talk freely about class, our country, friends or personal ideas.

Beatriz Gonzalez, Mexico

Although CESL has students from four of the world's continents and all of them speak different languages, it is easy to make good friends. We can learn new things from the youngest or the oldest students. At CESL we make new friends that may change our lives forever. I have been in CESL for one year and I have made many good friends and learned a lot about their lives. Before I came to CESL, I had never met anyone from the Middle East. Now, I know more about them and their religion, Islam. Also, I had never met anyone from Africa, and from them I have learned about week-long wedding celebrations. I am happy to have friends in many countries who I hope to visit someday.

Angelika Atondo, Mexico

Being part of CESL is an incomparable experience. All the things that we learn here are very important because we interact with people from all over the world. Having a Conversation Partner is one of the best experiences that I have had here. He is from the United States, and I practice my English with him. This is only one of all the activities that CESL offers to us. You should put all of yourself into the activities and enjoy all the opportunities to practice English given to you. I think CESL is the best place to study English not only because I can learn English in class, but because I can also practice outside of the classroom in all the activities in this course.

Julio Calderon, Costa Rica

My name is Julio Calderon. I am from costa Rica. I came to live in the United States, but I had a big barrier, the langauge. Now I am studying at CESL and this barrier is gone. The reason is simple: the teachers at CESL know what they are doing. They are very professional and always work with us until they are sure we understand the class. I believe they have a lot of experience in their field because they are skilled teachers and also know how to make you feel welcome in a strange country. I feel comfortable at CESL; I wouldn't want to study anywhere else.

Trinh Le, Viet Nam

I have been studying in CESL almost two weeks now. I am from Viet Nam and English is my second language. Even though I have lived in Tucson for ten years, this is the first time I have really studied English. I am trying to catch up in class, but I don not have a lot of time to do the homework. I have three children to take care of at home. My husband tries to help me, but his English is limited too. So we are both learning English better, and I am trying hard to improve my language.

Aristides Xicotencatl, Mexico

Can you find the best place to study English? Learning English is a step to finding a better job. some things are necessary in our lives, but this is indispensable. Learning English is the most productive of our investments.

CESL has the most patient teachers; they are very hard, but they are also very conscientious about their work. At CESL, you also have the opportunity to meet and work together with people from other coutnries. You can learn about their ideology, their values, and about their cultures. These thoghts are the wisdom of a 60-year-old man.

Sang Joung Lee, Japan/Korea

I like this school. Humorous, friendly teachers, a lot of international students, and helpful advisors improve our English skills. The flexible curriculum fits our individual English levels, and we can choose elective classes such as TOEFL preparation class. Many extracurricular activities help us make many international friends. CESL is located on the beautiful campus of the University of Arizona; we can use the Recreation Center, the student union, the Campus Health center as well as visit the many museums on campus. Tucson, Arizona, helps our study because we can enjoy warm, sunny weather all year long. The sunshine gives us energy to study. In addition, Tucson is a comfortable city to live and study in. That is why I like this school.

Isabel Ramos, Venezuela

CESL is an excellent place to learn English. You will find well-qualified teachers who will help you learn. CESL is known around the world because students from around the world have been studying here for 33 years. If you join CESL, you will have a wonderful experience. Tucson and Arizona have numerous historic and tourist places you can visit. You will also meet classmates from different cultures and you will make friends from all over the world. If you come to study here at CESL, I guarantee that you will never regret it.

Abdullah Al Araimi, Oman

CESL is the best place for me to study English for many reasons. First of all, you can meet many students from several countries. You can easily get information about their cultures. Teachers at CESL are friendly , and they listen to us as beginners and talk to us in professional English. The best thing that I like at CESL is going to visit an American school or talking to university students at CESL. All in all, studying at CESL is really fun.

Salimata Coulibaly, Ivory Coast

In CESL students have an opportunity to learn English very quickly because of the quality of the teachers. CESL teachers are always available to help students in class or outside the class. Also, they make learning English easier because the classes are fun. This is important for learning a new language because it it not always easy to learn a new language that is very different from your native langauge. CESL also has two computer laboratories with many learning tools to improve English listening, spelling, grammar, typing and TOEFL.


"I like this school. Humorous, friendly teachers, a lot of international students, and helpful advisors improve our English skills."