CESL has a proven track record of over 40 years of ESL language instruction to students from all over the world. Our faculty are highly qualified and dedicated to continuous development of their teaching techniques, as well as devoted to professional development and knowledge of the field. Our teachers have published textbooks, present frequently at conferences, and are wholly engaged in service to the ESL profession. We pride ourselves on our innovative approaches and professionalism, which are shared with all faculty and with our TEFL teacher trainees.

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CESL teachers enjoy a great deal of autonomy in the classroom. With the liberty to develop and teach a class that draws from your personal strengths as a professional, you have the freedom to be innovative and test ideas and approaches that you think will be effective in reaching our minimal language outcomes. Because CESL is a center devoted to diversifying its clientele there are many different opportunities to teach in many different contexts.

CESL Programs


CESL offers competitive salaries, benefits, and advancements. The cost of living in Tucson is also relatively inexpensive.


Innovation is part of faculty evaluations and highly encouraged at CESL. Whether it's a variation on a grammatical theme or a wholly new approach, CESL teachers are at the cutting edge of new approaches to all aspects of ESL teaching. If you want to use videos as a class project, no problem. The use of technology to supplement course materials and achieve minimal outcomes is always part of how we stay at the top of our game.


Whether it's a new methodology you've learned or tried in class or asking another teacher for a suggestion, professional sharing is the rule at CESL. Teachers readily work together, helping each other when preparing classes or troubleshooting classroom issues. We have a very active peer mentoring program for new hires just coming in to teach for CESL and all veteran teachers participate in a peer coaching program.

Professional Knowledge

Teaching at CESL also means professional development opportunities. CESL pays for its faculty to attend or present at conferences. Each teacher receives a yearly stipend that can be used for the latest teaching methodology books, travel to conferences as an attendee, and an extra reimbursement for presenting at the conference.

Professional Development

  • TESOL/AZTESOL Conferences
  • NAFSA National and Regional Conferences
  • CALICO Conference
  • In house development at least 3 times yearly

Professional Service

All teachers at CESL actively devote time to improving the academic program through service on committees. Some teachers choose to engage in administrative activities as well, organizing picnics and trips to various sites in Tucson and Arizona. Others dedicate themselves to the numerous opportunities to develop programs and courses as Program Coordinators. There are many opportunities to grow as a professional at CESL.


Research that informs our practice is very welcome and encouraged at CESL. Indeed, all teachers are considered action researchers, but CESL also welcomes ESL research projects from University of Arizona SLAT PhD students and EL/L MA students.

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