TEFL Fees and Discounts


  • Intensive TEFL (classroom): $1650 tuition
  • Basic TEFL (online): $595 tuition
  • Advanced TEFL (online): $595 tuition
  • Pedagogical Grammar (online): $595 tuition
  • Assessment for Second / Foreign Language Teaching (online): $595 tuition
  • 45-Hour Practicum (in-person): $1000 tuition
  • 20-Hour Practicum (in-person): $410 tuition


  • All courses require a $20 technology fee. Each submitted application incurs a $30 application fee. Multiple applications submitted as one transaction incur one application fee only.
  • Domestic Students: CESL mails certificates for online classes via USPS free of charge to US addresses. If a certificate is returned due to an inaccurately reported mailing address, students will be charged a $15 FedEx fee to have the certificate resent. Please ensure that your mailing address is accurate and up-to-date on your application, and notify CESL of any changes immediately.
  • International Students: CESL delivers certificates of completion for all online classes via FedEx when mailed internationally. Certificate delivery fees for all international addresses are $60.
  • Students enrolled in face-to-face classes receive their certificate at graduation or as arranged with the coordinator. Students unable to attend the graduation ceremony or make alternative arrangements will be charged the applicable FedEx delivery fee.
  • Application deadlines are at 5pm Arizona time. Unfortunately we are not able to accept late applications.

Note: Hours designated reflect contact time with instructor and do not include time spent on homework or other outside assignments. All courses run pending enrollment.


Early Bird Discount: 10% off tuition

(Must register and pay in full 5 weeks prior to first day of class)

UA Affiliate Discount: 10% off tuition

Must show UA CatCard (own or immediate family member’s and submit copy with application).  May be used each session. Until last business day prior to first day of class discounts.

  • There are no discounts for the 45-hr and 20-hr TEFL Practicums
  • All fees and tuition must be paid in full by the discount deadline to be eligible for discounts

For refund and deferral policy, please click here.

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