50-Hour Online TEFL 3


The third 50-hour online TEFL Certificate course, or Teaching Language Skills, prepares trainees for teaching the main language skills in the EFL/ESL classroom after reviewing the best principles and practices associated with classroom pedagogy and methodology. It focuses on teaching the productive skills, receptive skills, as well as grammar.

TEFL Certificates options:

  • This course can be combined with 50-hour TEFL 2 for a 100-hour Advanced TEFL Certificate.
  • This course can be combined with 50-hour TEFL 1 and 50-hour TEFL 2 for a 150-hour TEFL Certificate.


Successful completion of the 50-hour Online TEFL 2 course.


  • To be determined


All applicants should:

  • Have at least an Associate degree or international equivalent or 2 years of college-level coursework completed.
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection. 
  • To be accepted into any Teacher Training Program, applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate very independent English proficiency (B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference [CEFR]).


$335 tuition + $30 application fee + $20 technology fee

10% Early Bird discount applies if tuition paid 5 weeks in advance. 10% UA Affiliate discount applies to UA students, faculty, staff and dependents (as defined in the UA benefits policy).



At the end of this program, trainees will be able to:

  • identify a number of principles of instruction, as well as the basic features of different teaching approaches methods and techniques
  • describe the nature of spoken interaction and how best to teach, have students practice, and assess spoken competency
  • comprehend issues associated with L2 Writing, and learn about effective tasks and techniques for teaching, providing feedback on, and assessing it
  • effectively use listening texts and tasks, and practical activities and strategies, to teach and assess listening comprehension
  • incorporate basic principles and practices of L2 Reading instruction into their lessons to promote and assess student’s reading comprehension
  • teach grammar based on a basic understanding of what it is, how it can be best taught, and tested
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