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Important Reminders

Carry these 3 IDs with you at all times.

  • CESL Fees Card.  Use this card for admission to CESL classes and labs and at the Campus Health Center.  It has emergency information on it.
  • Cat Card. Us this ID in the community to show that you are a University student.  It is a photo ID.
  • AETNA Health Insurance Card.  Keep this card with you in case of emergency.

Optional IDs

  • Driver’s License.  You must have a driver’s license if you drive a car.
  • You may request a state ID that shows your birth date if you don’t drive and want a second photo ID.

If you are sick...

If you feel sick, go to the Campus Health Center and show your CESL fees card. Address:
Highland Commons, 1224 E Lowell Street. Click here for map

  • In an emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room at a hospital; use your AETNA health insurance card.
  • If you need to see a doctor on the weekend, go to an Urgent Care Center: use your AETNA health insurance card

Health Insurance

The student insurance program for CESL students is provided by Aetna Student Health and serviced by The Harbour Group. To find a full list of Aetna preferred providers please visit: Find a Doctor

Immigration Responsibilities

Visit University Classes

CESL students can visit regularly scheduled UA classes with the permission of CESL and the instructor of the UA class. See the Assistant Director, Admissions / Immigration - Student Services for more details.

Request to visit a university class

"I have really enjoy the method of teaching at CESL, very friendly place where I made life time friends."