Student Council

CESL Student Values




You support these values when you

  • Speak English (it’s our only common language and you will improve faster)
  • Are friendly, smile and say “hello”
  • Take turns speaking in class
  • Are tolerant of differences
  • Ask questions, be curious about other cultures
  • Don’t laugh at classmates’ opinions or mistakes


The Student Council is the voice of the students. Participation in the Student Council gives members a chance to demonstrate leadership skills and practice English. Council members show a commitment to making CESL as good as it can be for students and for people visiting the program.

Responsibilities of Representatives

  • listen to their classmates and report their ideas, suggestions, and concerns
  • report on the discussions  in Student Council meetings to their classmates
  • promote participation in CESL activities
  • help new students
  • serve as guides for CESL visitors
  • help students understand how to deal with complaints and problems
  • help keep the Student Lounge (room 202) clean and tidy
  • serve as hosts at the Closing Ceremony
  • contribute to the CESL Newsletter
  • develop and promote CESL Student Values


"CESL makes active students rather than passive students. Students must give opinions, argue and even sing in order to practice the new language."