Spring 2015 Global Programs Update

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This spring 2015 CESL received a group of teachers and administrators from Mexico to participate in the TEFL and CATT programs. The closing ceremony was held at the River Park Inn. The ballroom was neatly decorated in traditional U of A colors and the ceremony commenced with speeches given by teachers of the program. Following these words of encouragement, gratitude, and advice, certificates of achievement and completion of the program were awarded.

The CATT (Content Area Teacher Training) program is CESL’s newest program and has been taught on the University Arizona campus to over 200 hundred teachers from Mexico. 

Teachers from Panama came to CESL for the four week CATT program and CESL teachers went to Fortaleza, Brazil to teach the program to teachers.

"Being part of CESL is an incomparable experience. All the things that we learn here are important because we interact with people from all over the world."