Student Learning Center


CESL's Student Learning Center (SLC) is as an additional space for students for open tutoring opportunities, access to computers, and connecting with CESL activities and recreational trips. The SLC is located in CESL room 209.


The lab is open for current CESL students during normal business hours.


  • Open Tutoring
  • Computer Lab
  • Connect with CESL Activities

Open Tutoring

Come to the SLC to receive open tutoring sessions offered by CESL faculty. This is an opportunity to receive additional support, help, and guidance for your classes, homework, and projects. This is FREE! So take advantage of this additional resource which is simply another chance for you to practice your English. The Spring 2015 schedule will be posted here soon and also in CESL room 209.

Click here to see the Spring I 2015 open tutoring schedule at CESL room 209.

Computer Lab

The computer lab consists of modern hardware equipped with the same software as the regular CESL Lab. Students are able to access these computers for research, homework, access D2L classes, and more. Students need a valid UA Netid in order to login and access these computers.

Connect with CESL Activities

The CESL student activities assistants use the SLC as another venue to be able to connect with students and offer information about upcoming trips and CESL actitvities. Talk to the student activities assistants to learn about upcoming events, trips, and to learn more about things to do on campus, in Tucson, and more! Click here to see upcoming activities.

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