Program for Intentional Learning (PIL)


Welcome to the PIL (Program for Intentional Learning) website! Here you can find resources and information about language learning help available to you at CESL. The Resource menu has many links to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing. You can also find out about the Independent Reading Program, or discover the Student Learning Center. If you need any help, contact one of the Learning Advisors, and find out what else you can do to become a successful English studen


Where: CESL 203  When: 12:15 - 1:00 PM

Week Date Topic

Week 2

Wednesday, June 21st


Week 3

Wednesday, June 28th


Week 4

Wednesday, July 5th

US Culture: Communicating with Americans

Week 5

Wednesday, July 12th

US Culture: Norms and Values

Week 6

Wednesday, July 19th

Freedom of Speech

Week 7

Wednesday, July 26th

Test Taking Skills

Free Conversation Practice

Meet with volunteers from the University of Arizona to practice your conversation skills FOR FREE!!!

Monday: 12:15-12:55 in SLC (CESL) 

Tuesday: 12:15-12:55 in SLC (CESL)

Wednesday: 12:15-12:55 in SLC (CESL)

Thursday: 12:15-12:55 in SLC (CESL)

Friday: 12:15-12:55 in SLC (CESL)

Our regular conversation club is on Tuesday 3:00-4:00 in room 213

Independent Reading Program (IRP)

Student Learning Center

Student Computer Lab Room 210

Read books. Get rewards. Learn more! You may not like reading now but you will after you become part of the IRP! You probably know where it is, but did you know about all of the programs you can use on the computers? Programs that will help with everything!  If you need to use a computer, no place is better than the Student Lab in room 210. Come on in and work on your technology skills!
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"CESL makes active students rather than passive students. Students must give opinions, argue and even sing in order to practice the new language."