Next Steps for CESL Admitted Students


Have you been admitted to a CESL program? Congratulations! We have prepared some information here to help you prepare for your journey in studying at CESL. If you have any questions please let us know at

1: Get your student visa

Once you have been admitted to CESL, the next step is to prepare to obtain your student visa known as the F1 student visa. If you did not pay the SEVIS fee to CESL, this will be the next step. Pay the I-901 (SEVIS) fee and schedule the visa appointment. We have a dedicated page about the visa process here:

2: Are you coming to CESL? Let us know!

Please go here and let us know!

3: Book your flight

Next book your flight and/or make necessary arrangements for travelling to CESL located in Tucson, Arizona, United States. The airport code is "TUS." To learn more about Tucson International Airport please visit: Please plan to arrive by the "Report Date" listed here:

4: Arrange your housing

Even though CESL does not provide or arrange housing, we do provide you with a lot information and housing options for you to make your own arrangements. If you like, choose to stay in a hotel for the first few days to be able to see places before choosing final housing. For more information on housing please visit and the University of Arizona Off Campus Housing site: 

5: Contact your bank

To ensure that you have no problems using your credit or debit cards in Tucson, it is a good idea to contact your bank(s) and alert them you are travelling so you can use your credit-debit card in the United States.

6: Pre-pay CESL

You may pre-pay CESL in this page Students who pay early may get a 10% discount on tuition! Learn more about discounts in this page: Pre-pay is only available at the moment for the Intensive English Program (IEP). 

7: Prepare and submit your MMR vaccination requirement

Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) can be serious, life threatening illnesses. Arizona state law requires immunization for ALL students as a public health measure to protect students and the community alike.   You must have TWO MMR immunizations to attend the University of Arizona. One of the MMRs must be after December 31, 1979. Go to your physician or health care service to obtain proof of immunization.   This proof may be a copy of your immunization record, or you may have the attached immunization record form signed by your doctor verifying the dates of your immunization. You must bring proof of immunization to CESL. Learn all details about this in this page:  Once you have your immunizations ready, you can upload them in this site If you are an Undergraduate University Track Program student, upload your immunizations before you travel to CESL.

8: Understand more about health insurance

Click here for more information

9: Check the orientation week schedule for your session

Near the beginning of a new session CESL publishes an orientation week schedule document which guides you day by day on the different activities you must attend. This is the link:

10: Check the weather in Tucson

Even though in Tucson we enjoy 350+ days of sunshine every year, check the current weather to ensure you are prepared. We do get 3 weeks of rain every summer during the monsoon! So pack your umbrella and plan to use sunscreen! You can check Tucson's weather in this page

11: Explore the CESL activities. Plan to join them!

Get ready to have a lot of fun attending CESL activities! These are excellent opportunities that we arrange for you to make friends and practice your English during excursions and trips we organize on a weekly basis. Visit this page to see the upcoming actvitites: 

12: Learn more about...

13: Locate CESL and know how to arrive

14: Prepare to arrive to CESL with these documents:​

  • MMR
  • Copies of I-20
  • Passport

15: Join, like, follow our social media channels:

16: Make friends before coming! Join the special Facebook Group for incoming students:

17: Study at CESL!

  • Make friends
  • Improve your English
  • Join CESL activities
  • Travel, learn, enjoy
  • Explore the University of Arizona
  • Have the time of your life!


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"If you come to study here at CESL, I guarantee that you will never regret it."