Language Teaching Testimonials

Dr. Jennie Campos

Last summer's TEFL course remains one of the best, most interesting, and challenging learning courses I've ever taken.  It was so special and many of us have grown our acquaintances in that class into friendships.

Paul Honan

Looking back on the classes, I have learned classroom management techniques and the importance of developing objective-driven lessons from observing CESL teachers, come to understand underlying methodologies behind curriculums, as well as changed my teaching philosophy to emphasize the importance of making deliberate classroom choices that are catered to the goals interests and needs of the students.

Clair Magoffin

The tools and skills that I have learned will continue to inform my practice as a teacher for the rest of my career.

Kelly Ancharski

Throughout this course, I expanded my knowledge about second language learning and actively used my opinions on second language acquisition theory, methodology, instruction of classroom management, and assessment practices during the practicums. This practice allowed me to find and gauge my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

Jeanean Seegmiller

I can look back at the last four weeks and see how a well-designed program of five modules has culminated in a strong foundation on which to build my experience in Teaching English.

Victoria Trull

In this program we studied not only the science behind teaching English as a Second Language, but also the art behind it. Learning about how people learn is just as important as learning what to teach. This program has definitely changed my perspective, given me knowledge, and more than anything, confidence to try.

Ben Rynex

When I first started taking this course, I had a few years teaching private lessons and thought I knew what was what, generally, in terms of teaching practice. Somewhere in the middle of the course I found myself wishing I’d had this information years ago when I first started teaching private lessons. All of the information about motivation, attention, assessment, etc. seemed very applicable in hindsight. All in all, I was happy that this class ended up meaning a lot more than doing some busy work to get a teaching certificate.

Andrew Bacon

There is no doubt, however, that the things I learned as a part of this course will continue to inform my development as a teacher, and will also give me the tools to do so more quickly and effectively.

Tadeh Issaian

Without a doubt these past four weeks have given me the confidence and guidance to teach English as a foreign language from what I have learned in the five subject areas. The past four weeks have allowed me to see my strengths as a teacher and highlight my weaknesses. Rather than hiding these, I have learned to try and improve them and to use them to my advantage. Each day I learned something new or I observed something that thought I could try in my class.

Natalia Gabrielsen

I have acquired an entirely new understanding of second language teaching and learning that I certainly did not have prior to this experience. Not only did I learn about the process, theories and concepts behind teaching English as a foreign language, but I was given the opportunity to lead my own classes.

Jonathan Linton

As a whole this program made me much more comfortable about stepping into my own classroom… I feel I was given the tools to succeed and the concepts […] will serve me well. Almost everything I’ve learned will inform my future teaching practice and it’s been a wonderful process.

Lizette Opio

This program has helped me develop a foundation for my future teaching practices based on theory, methodologies, and practice.

Maureen Heydt

I am so excited to begin working in the fall, and I would just like to thank everyone at CESL for all of the support and guidance I received during my program. I have learned so much, and I feel that I am ready to get my own class and begin this new phase of my life as an ELF teacher.

Max Yoklic

I cannot begin to tell how much I have learned during this experience… Most of all I am thankful for all the motivation that hands on experience provides. After observing and teaching I began applying to teaching programs all over the world. Currently I am interviewing for a position in Hue, Vietnam, and could not be more excited! I am sure that I will continue with my teaching education, finishing the TEFL Advanced course and even pursuing a CELTA or similar certificate. This is a launching off point for my teaching and traveling career and I think the TEFL course was the perfect beginning for me. I can only hope to keep learning, teaching, and experiencing, and I look forward to it full heartedly.

Andrew Marquez

“I am ready to venture into the world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, knowing that I am fully equipped to work through any task that is thrown my way.”

Annie Dickman

“Everything I do will be influenced by this program – from my lesson plans to the activities I choose to do in class”

Emi Kamoto

“I’d like to inspire other teachers in many different ways based on what I learned in this program.”

Genevieve Gallardo

“All the content was so relevant and will in some way have an impact on my future teaching.”

Helen Reilly

“This program has helped me critically look at the strengths and weaknesses of different teaching approaches, design, and techniques... I think that the tools this class has given me will make me an effective English language teacher. I feel confident that the training I have received here at CESL will help me be the most effective teacher I can be.”

Karobin Towner

“The practicums were invaluable… I feel much more confident in the knowledge I’ve acquired through this course.”

Katherine Roper

“This course has provided me with valuable tools that I will always hold close no matter where teaching English takes me... I have grown an exceptional amount as I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and in doing so, found out that I really love to teach.”

Torran Anderson

“The courses, the observations, and my teaching experience has all given me a wealth of knowledge to deal with the unpredictable and exciting possibilities of teaching English.”

Amanda Sahli

“What I have learned will be the springboard with which I dive into this field, open minded and wholeheartedly.”

Ana Schmidt

“I now have the knowledge we need to move forward as a teacher and I am so excited to put what I have learned into practice… I cannot wait to continue teaching and learning.”

Clark Moehlenbrock

“The program here at CESL has created a unique environment filled with wonderful people willing to help both with the subject at hand as well as through sharing their own personal experiences.”

Dan Reavis

“This course has opened up an entire career to me and opened my eyes to a wealth of culture, knowledge, and community within EFL. I can honestly say I’ve grown as a person, a learner, and now I can say with no reservations as a teacher… This course has given me a foundation in which to look back on and resources to look to in my future life teaching English as a foreign language.”

Suzanne Pasch

“The certificate may lead to employment, but it has already led to personal growth and discovery… This program has provided me with a course of action to develop into an organized, confident, and composed instructor.”

Cristien Keeme-Sayre

“This course has led my learning and development as an English language teacher to new heights and bounds. I have grown immensely over this period and seen others grow immensely as well.”

Torey Krepps

“Wherever I travel and wherever I teach English, I will honestly consider myself the luckiest person I know if I can spend the rest of my career continuing what TEFL has given me, and learning to teach better.”


Allen Lee

“This program has opened so many doors in my future and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for the privilege of learning from their experiences. I don’t want to teach, I want to inspire knowledge, and I believe this program has given me the tools to do just that”

Hannah Diamond

“This TEFL course has been life-changing for me, and completely validated my decision to become a teacher and do something I love. I could not have imagined a better introduction to English teaching than I received in this program, and I am so excited to use the many tools that I was able to add to my tool belt.”

Robert Rigolfi

“The course has really opened my heart to a passion that will most likely guide me the rest of my life.”

Ahmad Taleb

”This course has given me the platform to make a difference.”

 Kristina Aprahamian

“As a result of this class I feel that I have fully grasped the basics of what it takes to be a successful EFL teacher… I still have a long way to go before I am ready to teach my own class but I personally believe that the TEFL program has given me the strongest foundation possible.”

Patrick Kutsor

“The insurmountable knowledge that we were taught is a priceless investment that I am happy to have made.”

"If you want to study English in short time put CESL as your primary choice."