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CESL offers many affordable, part-time options during the day or evening to students who may be busy with jobs or other studies. CESL part-time options can enhance your life or further your career. UA international students may brush up on their weakest English language skills.

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Commuter Visas for Mexico

Mexican citizens who reside near the border may secure an F-3 commuter visa that will allow them to travel to Tucson to attend class. Please complete both parts of the application: Application for English Study AND Application for Student Visa. You will need to include financial documents for F-3 visa. We will send you an I-20 which you must take to the Consulate to secure the F-3 visa. Check the Consulate website for details. Mexican residents of Sonora who require the I-20 for the F-3 visa, must prepay tuition with their applications. Tuition will be refunded if the visa is denied or the class is cancelled. F-3 visa-holders may be eligible to apply for the SENTRI pass which will allow them to drive through the express vehicle lane when crossing the US border. You should get your visa first to prove you have legitimate business in the USA and then apply for the pass. For information about the SENTRI pass please click here.

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