Intensive English Program Levels

About our Levels and Schedule

  • All courses are eight weeks long unless specified otherwise. Students in the full-time Intensive English Program (IEP) must take 2 integrated-skills core classes (Oral Communication and Written Communication) and 2 skills courses (Grammar and Reading Skills).
  • CESL students are placed by proficiency level into their courses. We try within the proficiency level to diversify the student groups by native language as much possible.
  • CESL IEP classes are scheduled between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Typically, full-time students will not be at CESL more than 6 hours in day, which includes breaks.
  • Part-time IEP students may choose from any of the core or optional courses depending on their schedules up to 11.5 hours per week.  Unless a qualifying score is submitted in advance (see table here), most students will take the Placement Test before classes begin. Course offerings vary depending upon demand and sequence.

IEP Outcomes Table

Schedule changes

Many factors affect performance on the placement test; therefore, during the first 2 days of class, students may consult CESL's   Program Coordinator if they feel they've been misplaced.

  • The coordinator will determine how close the student's original placement score was to the benchmark score for the next higher level.  
  • If the student's score is very close to the benchmark score for the next level, the student will be allowed to retest for a fee.  If the second placement score indicates a higher placement, the student will be placed into a higher level.  If the score is the same or lower, the student will remain in their original level.
  • If the original score is not close to the benchmark score for the next higher level, the student may not retest, and will have to remain in the level in which they were originally placed.
  • Students may not request to study in lower levels.
  • Continuing students are placed based on their grades in the previous level, and in general do not change levels.  For exceptions to this rule, see the CESL Student Handbook.
  • Other reasons for class and level changes are handled on a case-by-case basis.

IEP Outcomes Table


Program Coordinator 

Jay Pence


"If you want to study English in short time put CESL as your primary choice."