Intensive English Program (IEP)

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IEP Highlights

  • Only CEA Accredited program in Arizona
  • 8-week sessions 
  • Sessions begin in August, October, January, March, June
  • 7 levels
  • 180 hours of instruction in 8 weeks
  • 20-23 hours of instruction per week
  • Students take placement test upon arrival
  • Class size: 15-18
  • Application fee $105
  • Cost is $3056 for two months for tuition and fees
  • See the general process to arrive at CESL
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IEP Curriculum

  • Superior English language instruction through a comprehensive curriculum
  • Prepares students for academic and professional success
  • Our English language classes serve the linguistic and professional development needs of The University of Arizona and the greater global community
  • CESL promotes cultural and linguistic diversity and understanding through sensitivity, professionalism, and collaboration both on and off campus
  • Flexible curriculum, as we understand that students learn in different ways and offer a variety of instructional methodologies to meet student learning styles
  • Active classes which require intense student participation to improve individual language skills

IEP Placement and Class Changes

  • Daily schedule of 20-22.5 hours per week instruction (depending on level of placement) for each of five to seven levels of English ability, designated levels 10 through 70 (advanced).
  • The number of levels will vary depending on student enrollment and need
  • Classes may be scheduled any time between 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. daily
  • Students must be available for class during this time
  • Upon arrival at CESL, students take the placement test during orientation.
  • Our students make rapid progress in a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

Many factors affect performance on the placement test; therefore, during the first 2 days of class, students may consult CESL's Assessment Coordinator or Intensive English Program Coordinator if they feel they've been misplaced.

  • The coordinator will determine how close the student's original placement score was to the benchmark score for the next higher level.  
  • If the student's score is very close to the benchmark score for the next level, the student will be allowed to retest for a fee.  If the second placement score indicates a higher placement, the student will be placed into a higher level.  If the score is the same or lower, the student will remain in their original level.
  • If the original score is not close to the benchmark score for the next higher level, the student may not retest, and will have to remain in the level in which they were originally placed.
  • Students may not request to study in lower levels.
  • Continuing students are placed based on their grades in the previous level, and in general do not change levels.
  • Other reasons for class and level changes are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Our IEP levels and what they mean

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