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CESL has Arizona’s only CEA-accredited Intensive English Program, Evening Program, TEFL Program, Teen English Program and University Track Program. Teachers teach in one or more of CESL’s many programs. Our multicultural environment offers classes for all skills at many levels. CESL is a unique and dynamic working environment. Our faculty and staff are highly skilled and collaborative.

Apply for faculty and staff positions at UA Human Resources. Go to the UA Careers site and apply to the job number.

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Department: 2506-English As A Second Language

Faculty & Administrative Positions

Minimum Qualifications

MA in TESL or Applied Linguistics, or a Master’s Degree in a related field with evidence of coursework in specific areas (please see posting); Experience teaching multilingual classes in all areas of English language skills and at all levels of English proficiency at the post-secondary level; TOEFL/IELTS scores and/or teaching videos may be required. Coordinator positions include teaching and administrative assignments.

Please see the UA Careers site for current openings and to apply.

Adjunct Instructor. (Part-Time)

Job Description

Adjunct Instructors at CESL teach 4-18 hours/week (maximum 19.45 hours/week) in our Intensive English Program, our Evening Program, or one of our other programs, for one session or more. Our classes generally run in 8-week sessions.

Compensation: $39/hour for teaching/contact hours.

Please go to the UA Careers site for more information or to apply.


If you have applied for a position and have received a letter confirming your eligibilty, your name will go on a list of potential candidates. If we anticipate a need for faculty, you will be asked for an interview. 

CESL endorses the position of our professional organization, TESOL International Association on teacher qualifications.

Teacher Quality
Non discrimination against NNEST

Visiting Scholars: CESL has opportunities for visiting scholars to do research for up to 6 months at CESL. Scholars must provide own funding.

SLAT GA-ship

With a recommendation from the SLAT Department, qualified individuals may apply for SLAT GA-ships in CESL. Please note that SLAT must specifically recommend you to CESL for this GA-ship (this recommendation is different from a general employment recommendation). This involves 4-18 hours of teaching per week. Currently there are no SLAT GA-ships available.


Department: 2506-English As A Second Language

Currently open:


Student Jobs

CESL hires currently-enrolled University of Arizona students each year. You may apply for these jobs by completing the CESL Student Worker Application and submitting it to CESL 101. See the open positions below.

Currently open for UA students

  • Student Activities Assistant

Currently closed UA Student Positions

  • Student Activities Assistant Job Description (please print and bring application and resume to CESL 101 or email scanned copy to <jeremyjlee@email.arizona.edu>)
  • Library Assistant Job Description (please print and bring application and resume to CESL 101)
  • Lab Monitor Job Description (please print and bring application and resume to CESL 101)
  • Part Time Programs Assistant Job Description
  • Admissions Student Worker Job Description
  • Teacher Training Student Assistant
  • Marketing and Recruitment Assistant Job Description
  • Student Worker Document Processor
  • Fulbright Peer Counselor Assist International Fulbright scholars understand and adjust to US academic graduate life. Graduate students preferred. Description
  • Business Office Assistant Description
  • On-Call Graduate Student Substitute Job Description. (Only students in certain UA programs may apply. Currently there are no openings for on-call substitutes)
  • Peer Counselors

Non-resident Income Tax responsibilities

If you work, you must pay tax. Foreign students and scholars, including their dependents, are required to file tax returns ONLY IF they have income subject to tax in the United States.All F, J, and M visaholders are required to file a form 1040NR or 1040 NREZ if they have taxable income.

Non-resident aliens are required to file an additional statement (Form 8843) which serves as an explanation of the visa-holder's claim to non-resident status for tax purposes.

The International Student Office at the University of Arizona offers valuable income tax information and help with the forms on its website. Read their information

Social Security Numbers

CESL students who do not work on campus, cannot apply for a social security number. Legally you do not need a social security number to get a credit card, open a bank account, buy a car, turn on utilities or to get a drivers license. However, you will often be asked for a social security number as it is becoming a national means of identification. When you are asked for a number, show your passport and I-20 to show your legal immigration status as a student.

Social Security Administration

If you are offered an on-campus job, you will need to apply for a social security number.

  • Please check the Student Handbook to verify that you qualify for employment based on your English placement level at CESL. Click here to see the Student Handbook.
  • Get a letter from your potential employer. Print the sample employer offer letter on department letterhead.
  • Bring that letter and your passport to CESL room 101 to the Assistant Director of Admissions, Immigration & Student Services. You need a letter from the Assistant Director of Admissions, Immigration & Student Services at CESL stating that you are a full-time F-1 student enrolled in CESL classes.
  • Take the two letters, your passport, I-94, I-20, and a photo ID, in person, to the regional Social Security Administration office, 3500 N. Campbell Ave.

Interested in volunteering at CESL, click here for more information.

"I have really enjoy the method of teaching at CESL, very friendly place where I made life time friends."