Community Connections

School Visits

CESL welcomes partnerships with local schools. If you are interested in having a group of CESL students come visit your school, or if you are interested in having a group of your students visit CESL, please contact us at with the following information:  

  • The name and location of your school, including any nearby bus lines.
  • The dates of the requested visit (the more dates you have available, the better the chances of a visit being arranged easily)
  • The length of the requested visit
  • If there is anything special our students would need to prepare for the visit.

Requesting a school visit

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Please submit requests at least four weeks before the desired visit date.
  • If visits are longer than 30-40 minutes, they will require the involvement of multiple class periods, so the planning time will be longer.
  • We have session breaks mid-March and mid-October, so early semester requests and late semester requests must be handled separately. It is also difficult for us to have visits on the first or last week of a session.

Language Teaching Workshops

Several Saturdays a year, CESL holds free language teaching workshops.  

  • These workshops focus on different aspects of teaching language.
  • They are free to any lanuage teacher in Southern Arizona.
  • Teachers may earn 2 CE hours.
  • Space is limited - reservations are required!
  • For professional teacher training certificates and courses, please click here
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