At the University of Arizona's Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), we work hard to provide excellent professional English instruction and teacher training. To recruit students, CESL relies in one strategy: quality. Through the quality of our programs and services, we are able to provide a positive experience that our students translate into positive recommendations for future students. 

The role of our agents in recruitment, however, is also very important and valuable to us. We take pride in our reputation and we are careful to recruit only the best consultants to represent our interest and consequently our students' interests. We are happy to welcome your students to CESL. We will do our very best to help them achieve their English language goals. Please email us if you have any questions

CESL agent definitions

CESL agents:

  • Are not CESL employees
  • Are not University of Arizona employees
  • Collect comissions for successful registrations in CESL programs
  • Do not collect comissions for government-sponsored students

How to become a CESL agent

Steps and Process:

  1. Complete the online agent application
  2. Please include 3 U.S-based educational references
  3. Our marketing department will review your application and contact your references. Then, if eligible, you will be sent a contract
  4. Please sign the contract electronically
  5. CESL Director will then sign the contract
  6. Then we will send the contract to the UA Contracts office for a final signature
  7. After all parties have signed, the contract will become valid and you will be eligible to receive commissions for the students placed into our program by your agency
  8. CESL will email you a copy of the fully signed contract


To receive your commission:  

  • Must have current contract
  • Be sure that your representative has included the name of the agency under agency referrals in the application
  • After the student has enrolled at CESL, you must email or fax an invoice with the following information:
    • Your company name, address, telephone & email
    • Invoice number
    • Bank name & Telephone number
    • Bank account holder name
    • Name of student(s)
    • Start date of term enrolled
    • End date of term enrolled
    • Amount of commission invoiced


  • To request a sample invoice or information regarding commission rates, please contact Melissa Weber at

To be eligible to renew a contract, you must have sent at least one student during the year and you must request and sign a new contract.

Forms and Marketing Resources

Please click here to see CESL forms and some marketing and promotional materials.

If you need more brochures, please contact CESL at


  • Initial agent inquiries
  • Agent status
  • Agent applications
  • Agent renewals
  • Contact to request promotional materials

Melissa Weber

  • Submitting invoices
  • Requesting commissions
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