Conditional Admission

What is conditional admission?

Conditional admission refers to being academically admissible to the University of Arizona, but that an applicant still needs to meet the English proficiency requirement.

Who offers conditional admission?

Conditional admission is offered for all undergraduate programs but not for all graduate programs at the University of Arizona. Graduate students should check with their graduate department to see whether English conditional admission is offered.

Learn more about Undergraduate Conditional admission

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Learn more about Graduate Conditional admission

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General information

  • Students who plan to pursue academic studies at the University of Arizona must complete an application to the University. If their funding depends on conditional university admission, students must complete the application process before applying to CESL.  The University has multiple admissions offices and applications. Be sure to complete the correct application process.
  • Admission to CESL does not guarantee admission to the University of Arizona.
  • CESL grades do not transfer to or contribute to UA grades or your overall UA GPA.
  • If you do not need university conditional admission for funding or visa, you may apply to CESL at any time.
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