Combined TEFL/TESOL Certificate Options

CESL offers the possibility to combine courses to result in up to a 190-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate. This will allow students wishing to gain more experience and training than is provided in our standard 100-hour Intensive TEFL Certificate or in our Online Courses the ability to do so. Students may take more than one course at a time where possible, but all pre-requisites must be met before beginning the course. Courses waived through fulfillment of alternate prerequisites such as English 455 or teaching experience are not calculated in the total hours of training in the certificate. This is a non-credit certificate and will not appear on your transcript if you are enrolled in the University of Arizona; students will be issued a certificate from the Center for English as a Second Language.

The course that can be combined are the following:

50-hour Online TEFL 1: Fundamentals of English Language Teaching (online)

The first online TEFL Certificate course looks at broader issues in EFL training, such the fundamentals of the English language, how language and culture are intertwined, and how first and second languages are acquired. It then focuses on the language classroom and examines issues such as the teacher’s role in the classroom, how to manage classes and groups of learners, and the interconnection of assessment with teaching and learning. This course can be combined with 50-hour Online TEFL 2 for a 100-hour Basic TEFL Certificate.

Pre-requisites: 2 years of college coursework.

50-hour Online TEFL 2: Course Planning and Teaching (online)

The second online TEFL Certificate course focuses on curriculum and syllabus design, lesson planning and the role of class materials in promoting student learning. It also covers the latest developments in language teaching and the impact of technology in language teaching. Finally, it promotes the development of the teacher as a reflective practitioner. This course can be combined with 50-hour Online TEFL 1 for a 100-hour Basic TEFL Certificate or with 50-hour Online TEFL 3 for a 100-hour Advanced TEFL Certificate.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of the 50-hour Online TEFL 1 course, English 455 at the University of Arizona, or 2 years of college coursework.

50-hour Online TEFL 3: Teaching Language Skills (online)

The third online TEFL Certificate course prepares teachers for teaching the main language skills in the EFL/ESL classroom after reviewing the best principles and practices associated with classroom pedagogy and methodology. It courses on teaching the productive skills, receptive skills, as well as grammar. This course can be combined with the 50-hour Online TEFL 2 for a 100-hour Advanced TEFL Certificate.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of the 50-hour Online TEFL 2 course.

All three 50-hour Online courses can be combined for upto a 150-hour TEFL Certificate.


100-hour Intensive TEFL (face-to-face)

It is intended for individuals who plan to teach English professionally and in long-term capacity. It has been designed to meet both novice and experienced teachers by combining comprehensive foundational coursework in second language acquisition theory, methodology, classroom management and assessment. It also integrates a 30-hour observational and guided classroom teaching Practicum to complement classroom instruction.

Pre-requisites: 2 years of college coursework.


20-hour or 40-hour Practicum (face-to-face)

The practicum supplement can be added to any of CESL’s TEFL Certificate programs or taken alone as an independent component. The practicum combines classroom observations and debriefings with supervised or assistant teaching practice at CESL. The 40-Hour Practicum may include additional teaching requirements at partner institutions. It is intended to provide trainees with hands-on and authentic experience in the ESL classroom and to connect previous teacher training with classroom application and implementation.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of the 50-hour Online TEFL 2 course, English 455 at the University of Arizona, or permission from program coordinator.

Students can combine up to a 190-hour TEFL Certificate.

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