CESL 50th Anniversary

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CESL 50th Anniversary (1968-2018)



This year is the 50th anniversary of the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona, which opened in 1968.  We have planned several events during the upcoming year to mark this occasion.  At each of our Closing Ceremonies we will have a former CESL student speak--recounting memories and in addition telling what has happened in their life since CESL. In addition we are asking former CESL teachers, students/trainees, or faculty/staff to send in a 1-2 minute video memory of their time at CESL and what they are doing now. Here is a short video of our recent International Festival held on Feb. 13th on the UA Mall. 


We are planning a reunion for former CESL teachers  May 10-13. We hope that former CESL teachers will attend the Spring 2018 Closing Ceremony to be held on Thu. May 10th from 5-10pm in the Sonora Room at the UA Student Union Memorial Center. On Fri. May 11th there will be a Reunion Dinner at Westward Look Resort. On Sat. May 12th we will have an Open-House at CESL in the afternoon (11am-2pm) in the CESL building. That evening (5:30-8:30pm) we will have the CESL 50th Anniversary Celebration reception and program in the Old Main Building. We look forward to seeing everyone at many of these events! In addition, we will have additional celebratory preparations planned for our Summer 2018 Closing Ceremony to be held in August, our annual Fall picnic in October, and our Fall Closing Ceremony in early December. More information about those events will be uploaded here as details are confirmed. Thank you for helping us celebrate this momentous occasion! 

Photos, Videos and Testimonials:

We encourage any former CESL teachers, students/trainees, or faculty/staff to send us any photos from their time at CESL or consider making a 1-2 min. video describing your journey since CESL. Send videos and photos and any other suitable content to us via this email address: cesl-50th@email.arizona.edu

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"If you want to study English in short time put CESL as your primary choice."