CATT-Content Area Teacher Training Colombian Teachers


A U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs Program, administered by IIE and hosted by CESL.

Message from the coordinator

Dear CATT Colombian Teachers,

We are very happy to welcome you to CESL. We are excited you are coming to Tucson, and we hope to make your 6-week teacher training will be a useful and enlightening experience.

The program starts on Monday, June 16

We will greet you at the airport and meet you at the Sahara Apartments. Please email me if you have any questions. 

Also, please scan a copy of your passport and email it to me at your earliest convenience. 

The most important thing you can take care of before you arrive is your MMR immunizations.

I have included below more details about your arrival and program. I look forward to seeing you soon, here in Tucson.


Kathleen Hertenstein

About CESL

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Immunizations and Health

As all other students at CESL, you must bring proof of MMR ( Measles, mumps & rubella) immunization. Please read the web page for details. If you do not have proof of immunization you may want to be immunized at home where it is less expensive than here. You must be immunized here before you can start class. MMR at the Campus health center is $58.00.

Please, fill in Immunizations proof.

You must show proof of 2 MMR immunizations. They must be at least 30 days apart. If you are immunized at home, be sure that you pay careful attention to the 30 day interval. If you are immunized for the first time more than 30 days before you report to CESL on June 13, you will need to have a second MMR here.

Health insurance. While at CESL you will be covered by our health insurance for major illness or accidents. For routine and urgent medical care, your primary care will be the Campus Health Center.

If you should need to see a doctor after your CESL program ends and before you arrive at your academic site, you may call 1-800-461-0430 to request a temporary health insurance card.

Please see a dentist before you travel as you will not have dental coverage during your stay. Dental procedures in the U.S. can be costly.

Arrival in Tucson

Upon your arrival in the Tucson airport, you will be greeted by a CESL staff person. 

If your luggage does not arrive with you, it is VERY important that you file an immediate lost baggage claim with the airline that you arrived in Tucson on before you leave the airport - no matter how tired you are!

The airlines have offices in the baggage area near the machine the bags arrive on. On the claim give the street address and phone number of the Sahara Apartments (below). Lost luggage most often arrives soon after you and is delivered within 24 or 48 hours.

Travel to your academic assignment in August: Some US airlines now charge extra fees for checked baggage. Please check your airline's baggage policy on their website well before travel and plan accordingly.


Sahara Apartments
919 N Stone Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
520-622-4102 Contact: Ted Mehr

Rooms have kitchens, study area,  internet access, and will be assigned upon arrival.

During your stay, you will be assigned a roommate for your apartment at Sahara. Please download, fill out, and email this roommate questionnaire back to Kathleen Hertenstein by June 1st. We will do our best to match you with an appropriate roommate.

Getting Settled: The First Few Days

*Bring cash for shopping and meals on Sunday.


Arrive in Tucson. Check into the Sahara Apartments. Get rest and plenty of water!


8:00 am: Welcome Breakfast & Orientation – Sahara Apartments 

9:00 am: shuttle to CESL
Please bring the following items with you to the Orientation:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94
  • DS-2019


After orientation we will give you a tour of the university. Classes will start on Tuesday morning.

*You should report your arrival to the IIE as soon as possible. You will have access to computers at the apartments and at CESL.


"I have really enjoy the method of teaching at CESL, very friendly place where I made life time friends."