Campus Resources

University Services for CESL Students

  • Campus Health Service CESL students on F or J visas are required to pay a campus health fee. This fee allows them to use the Campus Health Service during its open hours. Doctor's visits and most prescriptions are covered by the health center fee. Students may be charged for X-rays and some tests. CESL's Health Insurance covers emergency care and will pay for a specialist if the Campus Health Center refers the student.
  • Univeristy Bookstore CESL students buy their textbooks required for your CESL classes in the ASUA bookstore located at the west end of the Student Union Building. The CESL textbooks are located downstairs with other textbooks.
  • Campus Recreation Center CESL students may join the Campus Recreation Center. They must show their CESL card and an Identification for the following prices: $25 for 1-30 days, $50 for 1-60 days, or $75 for 1-90 days. Member ship begins on date of purchase.  
  • University Police Department has the responsibility of enforcing state laws and University rules and regulations. The officers have the same authority as police officers of any other police agency in the State of Arizona and will assist you to the best of their ability if you have a problem or need that might be resolved by the Police Department. Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus. They are red phone boxes located on tall blue poles. You should look for and find the emergency call boxes near your usual pathways.

Campus Computing

Computers on Campus - To use the university wi-fi internet on campus, you must register your computer.

OSCR underground - Help with your computer applications
On-line Safety

Campus Life and Services

Campus Safety

UAPD University Police Department
University of Arizona Campus Safety

Advice for Incoming UA Freshmen


"I came to live in the United States, but I had a big barrier: the language. Now I am studying at CESL and this barrier is gone."