Arizona Law ESL Bridge Program

The AZ Law ESL Bridge Program is not currently being offered.

The AZ Law ESL Bridge Program is not currently being offered. Students interested in the AZ Law ESL Bridge Program may find that the Graduate Bridge Program fits their needs. For more information regarding the Graduate Bridge Program, please visit this website.  


The Arizona Law ESL Bridge Program at the University of Arizona consists of sheltered English immersion undergraduate courses in Law. These courses are supported by ESL courses acting as a support or bridge. Students enrolled in the Arizona Law ESL Bridge Program are enrolled in courses through the Center for English as a Second Language and are considered for admission to the accelerated 2-year Juris Doctorate or LLM program at Arizona Law.


The Arizona Law ESL Bridge program is completed in two 6-week long sessions, and the curriculum consists of two core academic courses offered over the course of the two 6-week summer sessions.  These two core academic Law courses are accompanied by corresponding ESL courses that are designed to support the core academic courses. The core courses are taken for credit. The program is focused on providing international students with the necessary English for law to be successful in a university graduate program.

Profiency Scale

Who Should Apply?

  • International students who are seeking full-time admission to an Arizona Law degree program, but who are lacking the minimum English requirement.
  • International students already admitted to an Arizona Law degree program, but who would like to be better prepared to begin their degree program.
  • Applicants who have scores of 80 + TOEFL iBT or 6.0 IELTS.
  • Students already admitted to a law degree program at another American university who are interested in preparing their English language to succeed at law school.
  • Practicing lawyers who would like to improve their legal English and their understanding of US law practice.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Students must have completed an undergraduate law program and have the academic record required for admission to the Arizona Law program or the desire to be admitted to a US law degree program.
  • Minimum English requirements for entrance to AZLBP: 80 TOEFL iBT or 6.0 IELTS, completion of the Bridge A & B successfully


Note:  Acceptance to the Arizona Law ESL Bridge program does not guarantee acceptance to any Arizona Law program.

Bridge Schedule

Currently Cancelled

The Arizona Law ESL Bridge Program schedule is two 6-week sessions offered during summer.  One can enroll for both sessions or session 2 only.

Bridge Program Costs

Session and Credits Cost*
Currently Cancelled
CESL and UA Tuition and fees for 4 units

*Costs are determined by ABOR in Spring semester.  Costs represent an estimate based off last year's summer tuition rates and are subject to change.

There are no discounts for this program.

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For late registration on or after the first day of class, add 10% of tuition.

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