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Getting Settled


Orientation Schedule for upcoming session   CESL has specific days of REQUIRED orientation, and you MUST register and test before you begin and participate in these orientations. Please check the orientation schedule for the next session to see detailed information: orientation schedule for upcoming session

  • Monday or Tuesday: Registration and fee payment.
  • You may take the *Placement Test at 8:00 AM on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
  • Thursday and Friday: Orientation (you must pay a $75 late testing fee if you do not take the test before Thursday morning).
  • Friday: Orientation & Schedules - all students must complete the Immigration Orientation and Quiz before receiving their class schedules.

Orientation presentations:

*Don't be nervous about the placement test. We will test you in 4 areas: listening, grammar, reading and writing. It will take about 2 hours. The results will help us decide which classes are best for you. Also, your teachers will observe you during the first 2 days of class to be sure that you are in the correct level. This is why you will not buy books in the first few days of class.

Housing information

Even though CESL does not provide or arrange housing, we do provide you with a lot information and housing options for you to make your own arrangements.

Please click here for housing information

Health Insurance

Click here to visit our health insurance information page


Click here to visit the immunizations requirements information page

Translated documents







"CESL makes active students rather than passive students. Students must give opinions, argue and even sing in order to practice the new language."