Domestic TEFL Applicant

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Before You Apply

If you need assistance with the application please contact CESL Admissions at or 1-520-621-3637.


  • Have at least an Associate of Arts degree or international equivalent or 2 years of college-level coursework completed.
  • Be competent in written and spoken English (TOEFL iBT: 71 or IELTS: 6.0) or interview with coordinator.
  • Be willing to work collaboratively.
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection for online certificates.

Application Requirements

1. Complete online application. Please provide the student's full name and date of birth as written in the passport or borth certificate.

2. Upload a copy of your U.S. Driver's License, state issued ID, U.S. passport or U.S. passport card. You will be asked to upload this document before you submit your application. Please be sure to have an electronic copy on file.

3. Submit your payment online. The total payment for tuition and fees will be required to submit the application.

Browser Requirements

You will not be able to complete the following application and payment unless you are using newer versions of web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari). We will void all such transactions and require you to apply again. Please do not use Mozilla Firefox to submit your application and payment.

100-hour Intensive TEFL applicants

All applicants for the 100-hour Intensive TEFL must show that they are eligible to study full time. They will have to submit one of the following:

  • U.S. Citizens: U.S. birth certificate or passport
  • Permanent Residents: permanent residency (green) card

Immunizations: All students born after 1956 and attending classes on the University of Arizona campus must show proof of TWO immunizations against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). If you do not have a record you must be re-immunized. See Pima County Health or University of Arizona Campus Health. Please submit documentation in order to complete your application process.

After You Apply

  • CESL Admissions Office will process your application. Ensure it is a complete application to avoid delays in processing.
  • If admissible, CESL Admissions Office will send you an admission letter via email.
  • The admission letter will contain a student ID number along with a pin number. You will need these two records to create a University of Arizona NetID. The UA NetID is the access user name and password you will need to gain access to our online platform. 


Apply Now for TEFL
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