Undergraduate University Track

Program Description

CESL's Undergraduate University Track (levels 8 & 9) at the University of Arizona provides conditionally admitted ESL learners with an opportunity to take UA courses while continuing their ESL studies at CESL. Undergraduate U-Track UA courses are sheltered, English-immersion, credit-bearing courses.  Each UA course in the Undergraduate U-Track is paired with a CESL class that is designed to support student learning in the UA course.

Additionally, Undergraduate U-Track students take a series of ESL courses that prepare them for full-time study at the UA or another U.S. institution. Undergraduate U-Track students are enrolled in courses through CESL.  With CESL's endorsement, students in the U-Track can fulfill UA's minimum English language proficiency requirement.

Top 3 reasons to join the Undergraduate University Track

  1. Students with high grades can matriculate to the University of Arizona without a TOEFL or IELTS score! (CESL's Endorsement)
  2. Undergraduate U-Track students take University of Arizona courses and can earn up to 6 credits.
  3. Undergraduate U-Track students pay reduced university tuition while in the U-Track!

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