CESL University Track - Summer/Fall Early Start Programs

Program Description 

CESL's Undergraduate University Track (levels 8 & 9) at the University of Arizona provides ESL learners with an opportunity to take UA courses while continuing their ESL studies at CESL. Undergraduate U-Track UA courses are sheltered, English-immersion, credit-bearing courses.  Each UA course in the Undergraduate U-Track is paired with a CESL class that is designed to support student learning in the UA course. Additionally, Undergraduate U-Track students take a series of ESL courses that prepare them for full-time study at the UA or another U.S. institution. 

In the Summer/Fall 2 "Early Start" Versions of the University Track, CESL offers courses that will be of interest to both conditionally admitted and fully admitted students ready to start their UA studies full-time in the fall or spring.

Top 4 reasons to join the Early Start CESL U-Track

  1. Improve your Academic English!  No matter how proficient you are in English, studying full-time in another language is challenging.  In CESL’s Early Start U-Track, you’ll take classes with topics and expectations similar to the classes you’ll have in your first year at University of Arizona in a supportive environment.

  2. Start earning credit toward your degree! Students in the Early Start U-Track take one university class:  English 106.  This is the 1st of 3 foundation writing courses for international students.  In the U-Track, you can take this course in only 8 weeks with a CESL support teacher in your class!  This will allow you to start English 107 in the fall and complete the entire sequence of 3 classes by the end of your first year at University of Arizona!

  3. Are you studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Nursing, or Law?  If you want to study in one of these programs, your TOEFL or IELTS score may not be high enough for entry into your major; however, if you study in CESL’s Early Start U-Track and earn a 3.0 and passing grade in all CESL Early Start U-Track classes, you’ll earn CESL’s English Language Endorsement, which fulfills all language requirements for EVERY undergraduate major!

  4. Get ready for your math placement.  Incoming freshmen take the ALEKS math placement exam before enrolling in classes.  In CESL’s U-Track, you will have the option to take an English for Math course that will not only help you in preparing for the ALEKS exam, but also help you with the language of math for any math course you take at University of Arizona. 

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Program Dates:  

  • Apply by -  May 4, 2018
  • Report to CESL - June 4
  • Classes begin - June 11
  • End Program - August 3

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Curriculum Overview:


  • English 106 - First Year Composition - Foundations Writing #1
    • This course provides international students for whom English is an additional/second language develop academic literacy skills for university writing. Through reading and discussion of academic content related to language use, students will explore language and literacy practices, develop strategies for academic reading and writing, and reflect on their own development as academic writers.  Note that well over 70% of incoming international students are required to take English 106.  In CESL's University Track, students can complete this course in just 8 weeks with professional, dedicated support. 
  • English 106 Support
    • This support course is designed to help students succeed in English 106. It focuses on preparing students for university-level, lecture-style courses by giving them additional time to process the content and complete the required work for the  class. A CESL instructor attends English 106 with the students, and after the lectures, they meet to review the concepts, vocabulary, and assignments from the lectures and readings. Students maintain a notebook with lecture notes to be used during the CESL support class to review the main ideas of the credit class.
  • English for Math
    • This course will help students with the language skills they will need to effectively learn and engage in Mathematics courses at an American university.  The course will help students prepare for the ALEKS Math Placement exam at UA, which is a requirement for incoming Freshmen.
  • University Success
    • This course familiarizes students with the university system and the culture of higher education in the U.S. Through field trips, research activities, and guest lectures, students will explore and appraise the resources and communities of practice available on campus, acquire the communication skills necessary for interacting professionally in an academic setting, and inventory and develop their repertoire of study strategies.

Who Should Apply

  • Conditionally admitted international students who do not yet meet the minimum English language requirement for full admission to the UA or another institution.
  • Students looking for an alternative to the TOEFL or IELTS as their path for full admission to the UA.
  • Undergraduate-bound students with conditional admission who wish to earn university credit.
  • Current level 7 students who have conditional admission and would like to continue their studies at CESL.
  • Fully admitted UA students who want to get an early start at UA!

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