Graduate University Track & Advanced Track

Program Description - Graduate University Track

CESL's Graduate University Track Program (levels 8 & 9) at the University of Arizona provides graduate-bound students with advanced-level English courses, which are specifically designed to prepare them for the rigors of graduate-level course work. In addition to their ESL courses, students in the Graduate U-track sit in on a UA graduate course in their intended field of study (with department approval) and receive support from a CESL instructor. Students in the Graduate U-Track are also eligible to apply for CESL's Graduate English Endorsement, which is accepted by most UA graduate departments and UA Graduate College as fulfillment of the English language proficiency requirement in lieu of the TOEFL or IELTS exams.

Program Description - Advanced Track (A-Track)

CESL's Advanced Track (A-Track - levels 8 & 9) at the University of Arizona is meant for students who do not intend to enter a degree program at the University of Arizona.  Courses in the A-Track are very similar in scope and content to UA courses, and may be cross-listed with courses in the Graduate University Track depending on enrollment (assignments will differ). Like the Graduate University Track, students in the A-Track may sit in on courses of interest and receive support from a CESL instructor. Students in the A-Track are not eligible to apply for CESL's English Endorsement; students who wish to pursue CESL Endorsement must enroll in the Undergraduate or Graduate University Track.  

Note!  The A-Track is only available for current CESL students who have finished their IEP studies and have met with the CESL Admissions office regarding their options for continued study at CESL.  Undergraduate-bound, conditionally admitted students will be advised to enroll in the Undergraduate University Track.  Graduate-bound students do not need conditional admission to join the Graduate University Track (see above).

Top 4 reasons to join the Graduate or Advanced Track

1.     Advanced language training in an environment designed specifically for pre-academic, graduate-bound students or individuals seeking additional English language training beyond the Intensive English Program.

2.     Improve graduate-level academic readiness or enhance English proficiency.

3.     Sit in on a UA graduate course in the intended field of study (with department approval) or undergraduate general education course and receive support from a CESL instructor.

4.     For Graduate University Track:  Become eligible to apply for CESL's Endorsement, which is accepted by most UA graduate departments as fulfillment of the minimum English language proficiency requirement.


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